Whittlesey Christian Church


Whittlesey Christian Church
is a dynamic and growing church in the heart of the Fenlands, and is Pastored by Brian & Eunice Smithyman who for many years ministered internationally before settling in Whittlesey to pioneer the church.

From its base in the beautiful historic building in Broad Street it is constantly extending its outreach into the community and beyond. While our worship is vibrant, and charismatic, it is also meaningful, inspiring people to become participators rather than spectators. Although most of our songs will have been composed by our own members you will soon find yourself enjoying them.

Whether you are visiting the church while on holiday, or seeking a church to settle in, we are confident you will find us an extremely welcoming people. To us, accepting each other for who we are, and reaching out a genuine hand of love to everyone is an automatic part of church life.





Hanging over the platform area is a banner which very accurately sums up the spirit and heart of our church, and its people, it reads ‘within the walls of this house let no one go unloved’.

For those with families we have crèche facilities catering from 0-3. While those 3-10yrs and 10-14yrs have their own program during the ministry time. Immediately after the Sunday morning service you would be very welcome to stay for tea and coffee in the rear hall.

While our Sunday morning service endeavours to be presented in a style that is user-friendly to those uncertain about the role God should play in their lives. Our Sunday evening service is dedicated to developing the believer in their worship and understanding of God’s Word. Our Pastor is a gifted teacher with an ability to inspire us through his deep, yet practical and relevant expounding of God’s Word.

We look forward to welcoming you among us shortly!


23 Broad Street • Whittlesey • Peterborough • PE7 1HA • Tel: 01733 752093 (outside office hrs 01733 840631)

within the walls of this house let no-one go unloved